Velocity News

Coaches for 2019

Oct 30, 2018

Target coaches for the 2019 season are as follows:

  1. Ryan Wheatley- Flight 181 (18 National)
  2. Lauren “Mac” Wheatley- Flight 171 (17 American)
  3. Mike Sage- Flight 161 (16 American)
  4. Jodi Cress- Flight 151 (15 American)
  5. Megan Dannemiller- Flight 152 (15 Regional)
  6. Lorelie Banks- Flight 141 (14 American)
  7. Heather Bright- Flight 131 (13 Regional)

Team names and pages will be updated soon.

Season reminders

Dec 29, 2016

A few items of note for all players and parents. 

  1. Practice will start promptly at the scheduled starting time.  Players should be dressed with shoes on and ready to go at the starting time. 
  2. Final team payments were due with the first practice.  Checks can be made out to Advancement Academy and brought to practice or can be made on-line via the Club Payment link under the Resources tab.
  3. All players are required to have a full junior membership with OVR/USA Volleyball for the 2017 season.  Go to the OVR Junior Registration page to obtain a full membership if you have not already done so.  Be sure to list Velocity Volleyball Club as the club you are playing for when you obtain the membership.

Scoring/Officiating Information

Jan 22, 2016

275px-Whistle_iconDuring tournaments, players and coaches are responsible for providing various roles (keeping score, 2nd official, libero tracking, etc.) while they are not playing. Therefore, it is critical that all players and coaches know how to perform the various roles.


OVR has provided pointers to some training materials and videos that describe how to perform these roles. Click the link to access the instructions on how to access these training materials.

Tournament Reminders

Feb 07, 2015

The tournament season for Velocity will begin soon.  For players that are new to the club (and as a reminder for returning players), each player/parent needs to know the following:

  • Players need to bring a ball to the tournaments for warm-ups and are also responsible for keeping track of the ball throughout the day. 
  • Parents talking to a coach during (or immediately after) a tournament about coaching decisions is not acceptable. Parents should address their concerns with the Club Director (Coach Servick) at a later time.

Nutrition Guide for Tournaments

Feb 06, 2015

fruit_faceA tournament day will typically last about 10 hours and can be exhausting for players.  It is important that players focus on good nutrition before, during, and after the tournament.  Coach Bobbie (A2 Fitness/Conditioning Coach) has put together the following Tournament Nutrition Guide to help maximize individual performance.